Your House Plants and Infrared Heaters



For some people, their house plants are delicate members of their families. Our house plants are well adapted to our environments; however, they also have their own needs.

So, why infrared heating is also suitable for your house plants? The best reason is about maintaining the temperature regularly. With remote controls and direct warmth that you can get from a UFO infrared heater, your plants will never feel cold in the winter or get too warm. Another critical factor is the ventilated fresh air, which enables enough humid air into the house.

Let’s take a closer look at why your houseplants need infrared heating in winter.

Temperature is crucial.

Some plants like a lot of sunshine, and some don’t need that much. The same applies to temperature. Some of your plants may get poorly affected, especially in convective heating, since the heat evenly distributes to the room.

It’s noted in many gardening blogs that radiators may be the culprit amongst the reasons why your plant is wilting. If you place your plants close to radiators, they tend to lose humidity because of the excessive heat.

Infrared heaters give you the ability to localize the heat. This means that if your plants need heat from an indirect source, you can quickly provide their need. Or, if they don’t like heat in the room a lot, the infrared heater will only heat you and spare your plants from the excessive heated room.

As a short example, you can keep your house warm with convective heating and choose localized heating in your winter garden. This will keep your plants at the right temperature, and you may enjoy your winter garden without feeling cold.

Dry air vs. humid air

As many of us know, plants need water to do photosynthesis and produce their energy from it. Water is a crucial element in a plant’s life, and they develop lots of adaptations just to reach more water.

Humidity is a problem in the winter since the air tends to get dryer at homes because of the lack of ventilation. Also, the convective heating systems reduce the humidity in the air because they overheat it. If you open up to get the humid air of rainfall, most probably, you would rather keep the windows or doors open.

The overheated rooms will force the water in plants to evaporate quicker. You may need to water your plants a little more because of this reason.

The advantage of localized heating, which infrared heaters offer, comes into play here again. By heating a locality instead of the whole room or house, you easily maintain plants' stable temperature and humidity. This means that your plants will require less water, and they’ll be ventilated with fresh air without giving up on your warmth.

In Conclusion

Our houseplants are actually members of our house. In that case, you will know that plants are delicate. Even the least sensitive looking ones may get badly affected by sudden temperature changes in your room. Infrared heaters will give you the right solution to take care of your houseplants in the winter.


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