Here, you can read some of the great reviews left for our products by our satisfied customers.

Outstanding Reviews From Our Customers

  • Eric P.


    This is impressive - it seems to "throw" heat a good distance away, with no fan involved.

  • Diane K.


    This heater works great so far. Plugged it in about a week ago and runs like a charm. Puts out a lot of heat for the small area we are using it in. Great on snowy days !! I will be purchasing another ! Thank you !

  • Malana M.


    I wasn't sure how well this would work but I thought I'd give it a try. It really works well. Puts out a lot of heat and you can feel it from about 20 feet away.

  • Chris L.


    I’m using this in a medium sized garage as a direct heater, and it’s solid, warm, and dependable. I’ve also used it while using my washer and dryer (gas dryer) at 100% without tripping the breaker. Of course, that depends on whatever other loads are on the same circuit.

  • Adrian S.


    Very warm and works really well. Being able to mount virtually anywhere is a plus.

  • Steven T.


    Extremely powerful for such a small design. I use this on my back porch during the winter. Provides significant warmth even at 10deg above zero up to ten feet away.

  • Damia J.


    This thing is powerful and efficient. We love it, mounted it in the bathroom facing the shower, as soon as you get out no more cold.

  • Wendy L.


    This Heater is amazing ordered this for our Feed Room and Tack Room in our barn. With is very cold winter what a difference. Thank you!

  • Anonymous


    Installation was a breeze and the output of heat warms my entire room. I love it!

  • Flora M.


    We just used this space heater outside for a fall birthday gathering with 4 neighbors. It kept us toasty and allowed us to sit longer than we would have. We had to order the stand separately but, once we did, it was perfect! We are very happy with it.

  • Adam J.


    Works well. It was easy and fast to install. The angle is adjustable to point it where you want the heat.

  • Jessie D.


    Love this heater, much better than traditional heaters. We use it to heat a big 2 car garage that we have made a part of the house. Still has concrete floors so was hard to keep warm. Not anymore. Exceeded our expectations.