Three Reasons You Should Use Medium Wave Infrared Heaters

The fall season is the best time to consider the heating system you would like to use for the upcoming winter. Did your radiators not perform well last year? Maybe this year you should consider these three reasons to use UFO heaters with medium wave infrared technology.

But what is medium wave infrared technology and why is it better than the other alternatives? Here you can read about this technology and we’ll give you three good reasons why you should use it.

The Logic Behind Medium Wave Infrared Waves

All the infrared heaters act like the sun, the utmost energy source for our heating. Infrared waves come to Earth from Sun and when the photons hit, they release the energy they carry. That’s why we feel warm under the sun even though the air is freezing.

UFO heaters utilize this principle and even enhances it by only using medium wave infrared waves. Technically, these waves have the best wavelength which carries the energy. With this technology, you get the highest efficiency.

Now let’s see why is medium wave infrared heaters the best choice as the main heating system of your house.

#1 Neither short-wave nor long-wave infrared heating is viable.

The main reason that UFO focuses on medium wave infrared heating is that although it’s technically possible to use these wavelengths, they don’t offer viable heating choices.

Short wave infrared glares too much. This causes heat loss because the energy comes out as visible light. This kind of light emission may cause eye irritation and the heat emitted isn’t enough to heat our bodies.  The lamp temperature becomes too high as well.

Long-wave infrared, on the other hand, has no glare. However, the surface temperature is too low and again we can’t utilize this infrared to heat our bodies directly.

This is technically why UFO utilizes only medium wave infrared to convey heat to warm our bodies.

#2 You can feel the sun in your house.

As we explained before, infrared technology directly mimics how the sun warms our bodies. Especially in areas where you don’t see much sun in the winter, this may be a good choice for you to have some of the benefits of the sun right in your house.

Infrared waves can reach up to 2-3 cm in our tissues. This means that when you use a UFO infrared heater, you can feel much warmer than the other convective heating alternatives. It’s also a fact that just like the sun boosts our metabolism, infrared heating mimics this too and aids us with our immune systems the winter.

#3 You can use it in many areas.

Infrared heaters can be used in places where conventional heating sources like natural gas wouldn’t be able to heat. You can use your UFO heaters with medium wave infrared technology outdoors as well as you use them in closed spaces.

This is again because of the heat transfer system UFO infrared heaters utilize. The heat only applies to the areas the light can hit. This reduces heat transfer loss drastically and enables you to use these heaters outdoors where you can never heat the air to feel warm.

In conclusion

Here, we have given you three good reasons why you should replace your old heating systems with UFO heat medium wave infrared heaters. UFO utilizes the optimal wavelength to convey heat to our bodies, it almost acts like the sun and it’s a viable option even for outdoors.

Isn’t it time to consider buying a new UFO heater for your house to feel like you’re in a blanket even on the harshest day of winter?

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