Free Standing Electric Heaters


      Thanks to Micatronic technology*, the slender design is more durable and accommodates home offices, gym rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, patios, balconies, and even larger outdoor areas. Our medium-wave infrared heaters provide all-around warmth while being eco-friendly without wasting money, time, or energy. 

      With a variety of designs to choose from, finding a premium-quality portable heater to suit your style couldn't be easier.

      Each free standing heater is focused on safety and ease of use, with features such as built-in wheels, tip-over protection, remote control, five different levels of heat, and a shut-off timer. 

       You can use our free standing heaters for indoor and outdoor heating.. You can use our space heaters in living rooms, patios, kids' rooms, hallways, home offices, bathrooms, garages, bedrooms, kitchens, entrance ways, and much more