What you think about Infrared Heaters right may actually be wrong

There is nothing more normal than being a bit suspicious about everything on the contrary to believing everything at first sight. However, we all have some misconceptions about things in our lives. Here we put together with general misconceptions about Infrared Heaters for you! 

Infrared Heaters dangerous for our bodies and can even cause cancer.

Infrared Heaters indeed mimics how the sun warms our bodies (as they use infrared rays to keep us warm. However and luckily they lack ultraviolet (UV) rays that the sun has and are known as one of the causes of the growth of cancerous cells. Infrared Heaters not carrying UV components as the sun also does the reason why you can't get tanned or sunburnt from sitting for a long time in front of your Infrared Heater as well as not getting cancer. 

You cannot leave on Infrared Heaters overnight.

There is no problem with leaving your heater on overnight as long as you are careful about it. Most Infrared Heaters have a timer and sleep functions. While using these functions, you can decide when your heater puts itself a stand by mode or skips the standby and directly turns itself off. Also, most of them come with safety switch functions in case of falling over. On the other hand, either day or night you have to make sure that your heater is not in any walking way around the house has not been covered, and of course, the power cord of the heaters is not damaged. 

Infrared Heaters are more expensive than conventional heaters.

Infrared Heaters use much less power to provide the same level of heat with any conventional heaters. It is known that the running cost of Infrared Heaters is as less as two-thirds of the cost of traditional heaters. On the other hand, the amount of energy Infrared Heaters use for keeping your place cosy is not the only thing to prove the above misconception wrong. Being able to heat only the necessary place and not needing to preheat but being able to heat your place instantly are also other aspects to make Infrared Heaters more efficient than the others. Or should we say cheap because you know that the effectiveness of the heaters you are using means extra cash stays in your pocket.

Infrared heaters have a therapeutic effect.

Infrared Heaters have some positive side effects for your body, especially if you have breathing problems or suffering from dry skin during winter months. However, it would be wrong to expect any therapeutic effect from them. They simply eliminate the adverse impact of convection heaters and give you comfortable warmth.

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