Are Infrared Heaters For You?

As winter is fast approaching, you might be thinking about the spaces in your homes which need either a new heating system or maybe extra heating. In this case, you might also come across infrared heaters and ask yourself whether they are right for you! Let’s have a look at infrared heaters suitable for whom. If you fit into one of the categories below, they are definitely for you.

You have little children running around in your house, or you are a pet owner. 

It is always tricky and even scary sometimes to use a heater while you have a little kid discovering the world around or a furry friend who is curious about everything. However, infrared heaters serve as a great alternative to end heart-stopping scary movements in your house. Regardless of how hot infrared heaters get, most of them have cool-to-the-touch cabinets and they disperse the heat. Besides, they also have an automatic shut-off and emergency tip-over switch for added safety. 

Apart from the safety concerns, infrared heaters guarantee complete silence in your homes since they do not use a fan for heating. Hence this only means warm and tight sleep for your little ones. 

You care about the environment.

Infrared heaters are considered as a clean heat source. Since they use light to warm you instead of fossil fuels to produce the heat, they do not release any pollutants to the air we breathe in. In addition, as they need less energy to heat compared to conventional heaters, they use less resources. 

You or your loved ones are suffering from breathing problems.

Ventilating our houses to let the fresh air is getting more critical than ever for everyone. However, if you are falling in the above category or you know someone who does, you already know how important fresh air is for people with breathing problems. However, opening our windows during winter months comes with its compromises as you have to accept that your room will get cold. Luckily, this is no longer the case with infrared heaters as they heat the object, not the air. Your room continues to be warm even if you let the fresh air in from open windows. Moreover, as Infrared Heaters do not use air transfer heat, they also do not move dust particles around your room and do not affect people with breathing problems. 

You have delicate and sensitive skin.

If you have delicate and sensitive skin, you might experience discomfort depending on different external and internal stimuli even when everything is perfectly ok for other people. Mold is known as one of the external stimuli, which can lead to various health problems, including eczema. Mold is one of the issues that you can solve with infrared heaters as it heats the walls directly; therefore, the walls stay dry and mold-free. Additionally, thanks to their Infrared technology, they do not drain the moisture out of the air and do not add to the drying effects of the cold weather but diminish the discomfort that mold might cause for people who have eczema or atopic dermatitis.

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