How to Use Your UFO Heaters Outdoors

Winter is finally here. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the cold weather staying outdoors is becoming harder. We may not stop the pandemic, but we know how you can stay warm out in winters: by using your UFO heaters.

So, how do you use your UFO heaters to get the optimal efficiency? For this, the right positioning is essential. There are some useful tips and tricks to ensure that your UFO heater is warming you. By following these, you can get full satisfaction and efficiency from UFO heaters.

Next, you can find some of the tips and tricks!

Keep the light coming your way!

The key to heating in your UFO heater is simple: if the light hits you, you’ll stay warm. Because of this easy working principle, the primary focus for best efficiency is always on the right positioning.

In open areas like restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, you may have noticed that you don’t feel the warmth even though the heaters are on. That’s probably because the light doesn’t directly hit you, and it warms the air instead of you. The right positioning means that the heat waves, coming in light form, should hit the subjects it’s supposed to heat.

Another important positioning of your heater involves the safety of the heater. Might we add, infrared heating is also safe for you. UFO heaters are made with the best quality material. However, you need to place them under a ceiling or a covering area to keep them safe from harsh environmental conditions like snowing or rain. This will ensure the durability of your heater, and you’ll use it for a long time.

There is one more crucial aspect of positioning, but it requires its own section. Let’s move on to mounting distance.

Find out the right mounting distance for you.

One key aspect of positioning is mounting distances, yet it can be overlooked if you’re installing your heater yourself. The mounting distance becomes crucial for outdoors since you want the highest efficiency you can get when you’re out.

First of all, because of the geographical location you’re in, you may be subjected to cold more in the form of winds. This won’t cause direct efficiency loss with UFO heaters; however, you may feel colder. To surpass the heat loss, there are specific metrics you can follow. The studies show that you need to load about 150 to 300 watts of energy per sq meter to maintain efficiency.

To keep the efficiency, you can follow the table below to ensure your UFO heater model is adequate to provide the recommended amount of energy. Following that, you can find the right mounting point to ensure that the light reaches everyone with enough power. The letters in the table correspond to the distances indicated in the above picture.

In Conclusion

It’s not a dream if you want to get fresh air on your balcony or in an open area of a restaurant or bar while staying warm. All you have to do is pick the right model of UFO heaters, place them in the correct mounting position, and let the hitting light warm you up.




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