Infrared Heating Technology

Our heaters provide safe, direct heat using the same natural warming process as the sun. Throughout the day, the sun gradually warms the Earth through invisible infrared particles called photons. These particles only transfer heat and are on the opposite end of the color spectrum from harmful ultraviolet light. Since our heaters use these tiny particles to warm you, you’ll feel the heat wherever the light shines without worrying about damaging sunburns.

It takes millions of kilometers for the light from the sun to reach us. Your heater, however, can sit just a few feet away from you. For this reason, you can feel its steady, healthy warmth within seconds of turning it on. Finally, while pure infrared light is completely harmless and potentially beneficial for your health, our competitors may use lower-quality materials that create mixed light waves and varying wavelengths; conversely, we guarantee that only the highest quality parts are used in our heaters. Our heaters only produce clean, consistent infrared waves that provide safe, dependable heat.