Advantages of Using UFO Heaters at Home During the Pandemic Crisis

Change is the theme of 2020. With the Pandemic Crisis most of the things we are used to from our habits to rules and regulations in the public places have changed. While trying to adapt to “New Normal”, most of us started to spend significant amount of our time at home. Especially for the ones switched to working from home, time spent outdoors is minimized. 

Anchored in our homes, we have been rearranging our lives from the start. Shopping online, disinfection, joining meetings via tools of web conferencing, continuing our education online are some of the many novelties. Contacting colleagues, teachers, students, relatives and friends online made us feel lonely from time to time.

Moreover, some of us have family members still going out for work and quarantine themselves in their room. Thus, there may be ones who do not see their family members as frequently as before even if they live in the same house.

We are keeping our house clean, making disinfection, following hygiene rules… What can we do if we would like to create a safe environment for gatherings with our family and friends? No wonder we will organize our home according to social distancing rules, and everyone will wear masks. But how can we make sure the air in our house is safe enough?

World Health Organization (WHO) defines ventilation as introducing fresh air in with intention while stale air is leaving. To protect our health during the Pandemic Crisis, the first recommendation of WHO about ventilation is the use of natural ventilation for indoors with opening windows if it is an applicable option.  Fresh air is preferred to air conditioning systems, because air conditioners may recirculate the air.

As we are stepping into winter, and weather gets colder, our need of a safe heater in our house becomes obvious. If we are to keep windows open frequently or if we are planning a safe time together with our family in our garden, in wintertime we need an energy saver and healthy source of heat.

Since UFO Heater is built with energy efficiency in such a way that it can heat even the places with high heat loss, it is the best option for you and your family! You can use UFO Heaters inside your home, or outside in your garden. After following rules of hygiene and social distancing, fresh air and warmth of UFO Heater will create an atmosphere for your family and your friends that you have missed at home!

With wide range of application areas, UFO Heaters are waiting for you!

Make sure you follow rules and regulations for your health and stay safe!

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