Best UFO Infrared Heaters for Outdoor Restaurants and Bistros Spring 2022


Are you looking for the best patio heaters for your restaurant with outdoor space? Here are some models and benefits of UFO IR patio heaters for dining outside.

Restaurants need to have an outside area  because it increases the restaurant's seating capacity while also enabling its clients to dine outside. Outdoor seating significantly improves the restaurant's income, particularly during the spring. Although people prefer to eat outdoors and enjoy the fresh air after a long winter, having guests seated outdoors is  not easy, compared to the summer, due to inconsistent weather and the issue of heating the restaurant's outdoor area.

Commercial heating in restaurants has always been a significant concern in hospitality. When the wind picks up and the temperatures slowly rises in early spring, the outside space becomes unusable because of the lack of protection from the environment. Fortunately, infrared outdoor restaurant heaters can give comfortable warmth to guests dining outside, allowing the restaurant's outside space to be used throughout the year.

Restaurants benefit from UFO infrared patio heaters because:

  • Due to the superior infrared shortwave technology used by UFO patio heaters, the infrared heat radiated from the outdoor heaters is not affected by air or wind, therefore directly heating those who demand the heat, making them a good choice for outdoor heating applications.
  • The use of energy-efficient heaters in big places, such as restaurants, bistros, bars, and cafes, eliminates the need for pre-heating and allows for operation at the press of a button or through smart remote controls.
  • Because of their slimline design and complementing functionality, commercial infrared heaters are fashionable and can be seamlessly integrated into an existing setting.
  • All-weatherproof units are suitable for usage in protected outdoor areas. Radiant outdoor heaters are IP-rated, waterproof, and hence unaffected by windy conditions and moisture in the air. The heaters produce a steady warmth that offers a pleasant atmosphere 24/7.

How does an infrared outdoor patio heater work?

Heaters that use infrared rays generate shortwave radiation that bounces off people and things, warming them rather than the surrounding environment. There are no pockets of chilly air with this process since heat does not rise, fall, or cool. As a result, these heaters maintain a balanced comforting warmth.

Reasons to use UFO infrared outdoor heaters in areas with significant heat loss:

  1. When it comes to big places where people congregate in certain smaller areas rather than the entire space, such as restaurant gardens, bistros, and outdoor cafés, UFO heaters are the ideal option. Heating the areas where people congregate, cashier stations, or reserved tables is required and will be effective.
  2. They will deliver more efficient and cost-effective heating since they will begin heating in as little as 30 seconds after being turned on.Compared to a convection heater, they deliver ten times the efficiency.
  3. Compared to a convection heater, they deliver ten times the efficiency.
  4. Since UFO Infrared Heaters do not rely on the air to transfer heat, they are up to 80 percent more efficient than conventional heating systems in open areas with significant heat loss.
  5. Furthermore, they heat locations with high ceilings as efficiently as places with low ceilings since they do not heat the entire room's air but just the area where people are congregating.
  6. Lastly, UFO heaters will be useful in ventilated spaces such as kitchens and bars, where they will generate heat because warm air will be discharged from a vented area if we use convective heaters in the space.

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