UFO Infrared Heater Applications

Places Where Local Heating is Necessary

Instead of heating the entire area in houses or offices with central heaters, heating a specific room or area will significantly decrease energy consumption. The UFO infrared heater will provide more efficient and economical heating due to the fact that it will begin heating within seconds

Locations with Extensive Heat Loss

Since the UFO infrared heater does not use the air as a media in transferring heat, it will provide 80% more efficient and economical heating in places with extensive heat loss.

Locations with High Ceilings

Since UFO infrared heaters do not necessarily heat the entire volume of air in one location, they provide great energy saving in locations with high ceilings.

Locations that Need to be Heated for a Certain Period of Time

Heating up the locations continuously which you only use for a certain period of the day takes a long time and increases energy costs. The efficiency of  UFO infrared heaters used in these locations is tremendously higher in comparison to convective heaters.

Locations with Ventilation

Places where ventilation is necessary using convective heaters will not be suitable, as the heated air will be discharged. The UFO infrared heater will provide more efficient heating in those places.

Locations with High Foot Traffic

Serious heat losses occur in locations where doors are frequently being opened and closed . Because UFO infrared heaters do not heat the air directly but the object themselves with its light, frequently opening and closing doors will not affect their heating capacity. 

Open and Semi-Open Areas

UFO infrared heaters heat objects when their light hits them with their infrared radiation. Therefore, they are also able to heat us outdoors


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