Why Do UFO Heaters Save Money: The Best Reasons

By now, we have explained the health benefits of UFO heaters, the versatility of the places you can use them, and the overall benefits of medium infrared waves. Now, we’re going to elaborate on how UFO heaters save money!

So, why do UFO heaters save money? The first is it’s energy-efficient, which means that it doesn’t heat the air and saves extra energy in the process. The second is the model of UFO heater you choose will be enough to keep you warm even in open areas because of the medium infrared technology.

These are the best reasons to call UFO heaters as the most energy-efficient heating systems. Let’s see how this energy efficiency saves your hard-earned money.

Don’t heat the air, heat yourself!

As we mentioned before, medium infrared technology is like the sun. The light waves only heat the areas where they hit. This means that unlike the convective heating systems, you only heat the area you aim to heat.

Let’s assume that you use a type of convectional heating such as natural gas and you have the necessary infrastructure. You generally won’t open any doors or windows since the heat emanates from the radiators. The heat from radiators is transferred to air and then to you. During this process, any air lost means energy loss and consumed money.

By using UFO heaters, you only heat locally. Which means that in a closed room, air loss is negligible for UFO heaters. This is why your heating will be highly efficient and you’ll cut all the extra money you use to heat the air. Besides, this local heating enables you only to warm the areas people are actively using.

This logic enables you to use UFO heaters in high foot traffic places, places to be ventilated, rooms with high ceilings, and alike. Adding to this, you can limit the time to use your heater, which will have a direct effect on your heating costs. Did you know that a UFO heater will be 100 more efficient than convective heating systems in large and high foot traffic areas?

We calculate your benefit!

The other economic benefit of using UFO heaters as your primary choice is all about efficiency. The key to getting the most efficiency from a UFO heater is all about the dimensions of the area you want to heat and choosing the right model for you.

The engineers in UFO heaters have already calculated the amount of energy you need to heat a square meter of area, which is 150 to 300 watts. If you know the dimensions of the room you want to heat, it’s easy to calculate the amount of energy you need.

This easy calculation enables you to choose the right UFO model for the area you want to use it in. This cuts the extra infrastructure expenses for a heating system and allows you to have the highest efficiency from your UFO heater.

In Conclusion

If you are done with the hefty bills of your current heating systems and you’re paying for more than what you get, UFO heaters are a less expensive solution for you. You can enjoy a lighter heating bill and warmer days by having the right UFO heater for you!

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