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Infrared Heating

Infrared is an electromagnetic wavelength invisible to the human eye. Tiny particles are carried through the waves and heat anything they encounter, similar to how the sun heats the Earth. Medium infrared heating is not dangerous to people as it belongs on the other end of the electromagnetic spectrum to UV radiation.

Infrared heating works by the filament inside the space heater, powered by electricity. The infrared wavelengths produce light and heat, similar to how the sun heats us. The filament sits on top of a highly resistant, corrosion-resistant backing, which directs the heat wherever the light reaches. Anything the light comes into contact with, whether it is your skin, clothes, furniture, walls, or floor, will feel warm. Filament heating is safer than convective heating, which relies on a flame or heat source to warm the surrounding air. The heat is the same feeling of warmth as the winter sun on your face and the heat from a coal fire.

Light and heat from medium-wave infrared heaters are safe and can provide many health benefits, like stress relief and muscle relaxation. As with almost everything that produces heat ( the sun, our bodies, etc.), photons and infrared wavelengths radiate that heat. For example, you will see the radiation when you look at an image from a thermal camera. Some types of radiation are dangerous, but our heaters cannot produce them.

UFO space heaters are safe and heat rooms much faster than convection heaters, which need to heat all the air before they heat the space. UFO space heaters use photons to heat our bodies, clothes, and objects, making you feel warmer faster. Most heat (60%) contributing to our comfort level is biologically infrared. Only 15% of our sense of comfort comes from convection, or the movement of hot or cold air; the remaining 25% comes from evaporation and conduction of heat from our bodies to our clothing or other items. Infrared heat is most strongly sensed from the top of our bodies down (which makes sense from an evolutionary perspective), and we also most easily radiate it back out in the direction of the top of our bodies. Removing moisture from buildings has consequences for infrared health benefits as well. Water primarily absorbs infrared, which is partially why we love the feeling. It also removes dampness from structures and inverts the circumstances that would otherwise allow new dampness to form. It does not warm the air; instead, it heats the walls. In contrast, convection heaters warm the air rather than the walls. ideal circumstances for the formation of condensation. For this reason, an infrared-heated environment is also highly healthy. Moisture creates an environment favorable to the growth of mold, fungus, and other microorganisms that can lead to health problems. UFO heaters do not use a fan to keep the moisture in the air comfortable and prevent problems for people suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases. Because UFO space heaters reduce the energy they use, you can contribute to saving the environment by replacing the convective heaters with UFOs. Using the UFO heater outdoors is effective as wind flow does not affect its operation.

Infrared is used to heat objects directly rather than the surrounding air, making them more cost-effective than convective heaters. When using central heating, you can't control the direction of the heat, so first, the upper part of the room is heated, leaving the ground level cooler. This means even more energy is required to heat the lower part of the room. This heating system can't control the temperature, resulting in high installation and operation costs. The infrared heating system simply heats where the light shines. After 30 seconds of operation, the infrared will be at the required level to provide heat to the area. This fast activation reduces the operating costs and leads to extra savings. In a workshop with a closed area of 1000m2, a 5m ceiling height, and high heat loss, installing infrared heaters is 20-50 times less expensive, and operating costs are 10-30 times more economical.

When UFO heaters are used in local places according to its power capacity, the amount of consumption will change depending on the model (such as at home and in workplaces). For example: If the 1800-watt product, which can heat 18 m², is used in the thermostat setting, it works for eight hours in an average of 24 hours, that is, approximately by 1/3 of its power. This corresponds to 14.4 kW of energy in one day. If you multiply the unit price on your electricity bill by 14.4 kW, you can find the electricity it will consume daily. When comparing two heaters of the same Kw, whether unbranded or UFO, the Kw usage will be the same; the main difference lies in the heater's efficiency and how it heats the room. UFO uses a medium-wave ınfrared heating filament in a wide case, ensuring the heat waves reach a maximum area. This, in turn, provides more efficiency and lower running costs.

Use UFO space heaters for localized heating. Instead of heating the whole home or office, you can reduce your energy consumption by focusing the infrared heat on a specific area. You can install a UFO space heater in high-ceiling locations, galleries, workshops, and older homes where heating is usually challenging. Traditional heaters focus on warming the air, wasting a lot of energy, primarily through poor insulation. Additionally, UFO heaters can be installed in open and semi-open spaces, making them perfect for patios, balconies, backyards, carports, and much more. Since the heating is generated from light and not air, it is not affected by wind or rain, so frequently opened doors and windows are no longer a threat. With this in mind, heavy foot traffic areas and locations that need to be heated for a short period of time will benefit from UFO infrared heaters.

UFO is a heating systems specialist and a pioneer in infrared heating. They constantly provide the finest heaters using the newest and most advanced technology solutions. With over 25 years of expertise in the heating industry and exports to over 27 countries and top retailers, UFO knows how to meet clients' demands. They offer only remarkable customer service and reasonably priced, premium goods. With their energy-efficient and ecologically friendly infrared heaters, you can be environmentally conscious without going over budget. UFO also protects your privacy and guarantees a positive client experience. They ensure speedy delivery and protect your personal information, all while delivering a flawless shopping experience. UFO first developed its novel helezonic resistance wire wrapping technique in 1998. This technique is now a crucial component of its infrared heaters, producing effective medium-infrared heating units. As a result of this technology, UFO is one of the world's most prosperous infrared heater manufacturers and strives to improve its products with its extensive research and development team.

Infrared heaters can provide an efficient solution for greenhouses, animal housing, and houseplants by setting them at an appropriate temperature range (between 65 and 75°F or 18 and 24°C), which is ideal for humans and plants. Rather than heating the air, they heat objects and surfaces directly. Therefore, don't position the plants too close to the heater. You may need to periodically water the plants or use a humidifier to check and regulate their humidity levels.

Finding the Right Heater

The size of the area you want to heat (indoors or outside), its location, and the amount of heat you need to supply are all crucial considerations when choosing one of our infrared heaters. Heat and light are distributed differently in indoor and outdoor environments, even though UFO infrared heaters are unaffected by wind, rain, or other precipitation. Furthermore, the heater's proximity to people, pets, furniture, and other items must be considered. Pets and humans can safely use infrared light, but sitting too close to any kind of heater can be uncomfortable and hazardous. Lastly, you should think about the typical temperature in the region and how much it has to be raised to make it pleasant. For example, to feel comfortable and warm, one needs significantly more heat at 32 °F (0 °C) than at 68 °F (20 °C). This last aspect may also be impacted by insulation; therefore, it may be helpful to consider insulation. Since there is sometimes no insulation in outdoor settings, any increase in heat may be lost as soon as the heater is switched off.

You can check the distances from the table below.

You can check the distances from the table below.

UFO heaters have been shown to perform more efficiently in situations where walls are poorly insulated or where they have normal insulation. The power consumption per 10 °C decreases with the quality of insulation. If your space is either poorly insulated or has normal insulation, the advantage of using a UFO infrared heater over a convective heater is more significant.

This kind of product is currently not in our collection.

Micatronic Heaters

Our Micatronic filament is a unique technology that triples its durability by increasing stability and preventing aggregation of individual pieces. In order to accomplish this feat, the resistance wire is coated in nanoparticles and coiled around mica in a 4-axis tetragonal coiling system specially designed by UFO. The added stability also allows the bulb to be turned vertically, which is why our Micatronic heaters work great as portable standing sources of heat.

Our Micatronic heaters use our innovative design to increase durability and effectiveness while providing an aesthetic and decorative design. Additionally, while most infrared heaters can only be used horizontally, UFO Micatronic heaters are used vertically with their own built-in stand, and also comes with tip-over protection that automatically turns off the heater if it is knocked over.

Currently, there are two Micatronic heaters available: the T19 and the T23. You can find their specifications in the table below.

Micatronic heaters can be used anywhere our other models can be used, but work best indoors or in semi-open spaces.

Yes, the heaters produce the same type of heat as our other infrared heaters, and they also provide additional safety features with their tipping and distance detection sensor.

No, Micatronic heaters are not harmful or hazardous to your health. Light and heat produced by infrared radiation is completely safe, and in some cases it may even be beneficial for your health. Almost everything that produces heat, ranging from the sun to our very own bodies, radiates that heat through photons and infrared wavelengths – in fact, if you’ve ever seen an image or video from a thermal imager or heat signature camera, you’ve seen infrared radiation. While it’s true that some types of radiation are dangerous, our heaters are not capable of producing those types. In addition, they may actually be better for your health than conventional convective heating systems since they are odorless and do not dry out the surrounding air.

Thermostat Equipped Models

Change the knob's position from "0" to "1, " and the heater will start working. You can choose the most comfortable heating level by turning the knob clockwise. The heaters will continue to work with low power unless the knob is turned to "0." If the heater is on, the filament will remain red, which can warn you against possible hazards such as covering up or blocking the heater.

If the knob on your thermostat model is at max, it means that the heater will work continuously.

Remote Control Equipped Models

In addition to the “Off” position, our products have five levels.

H0 means that your heater is on standby.

Press the "Sleep" button. After pressing the button, the display screen is activated. Press the "+" and/or "-" buttons to set the sleep time between 1 to 12 hours. Press "Sleep" button again to save the sleep time setting. The remaining time is displayed as hours on the screen.

The “Every day” function allows you to program a recurring on/off schedule for your heater. This is convenient if you want your heater to start and stop working at the same time every day. After setting the time, press the "Every day" button to activate this function.If this function is active, you'll see the "Every day" text on the remote control's screen. To cancel the function, simply press the same button.

You can press the "Every day" button to cancel the function.

Press "Cancel" button for 5 seconds to cancel the time settings.

The internal timer on the remote may be out of sync or may have temporarily lost power. Press the "Cancel" button for 5 seconds in order to reset the remote control


Except for our Micartonic heaters and certain heater models, our products are wall-mounted and only suitable for horizontal use. In vertical use, the warranty may be voided, and the company will not cover any damage to the filaments. Please read the provided step-by-step instructions or contact a professional to install the heater, and then only use the heater according to the instructions in the manual to avoid any problems.

Except for our Micartonic heaters, our products are wall-mounted. For this reason, only wall-mounting equipment is included in most packages. If you want to use your heater with a stand, please purchase a package that includes one or the stand separately from our website.

You can install your heaters easily by following the step-by-step instructions in the manual and by using the four brackets and installation screws. An installation video is also available, and you may contact our customer service representatives for additional advice.

Position the heater so that it heats the entire area and not the air above or below it. Ensure that the radiant heat is not directed towards windows or doorways. Since the heat is transmitted by light, it can pass through glass, which will waste heat and energy. Infrared heat can also reflect off shiny or bright surfaces, so please position the heater away from these types of objects or surfaces. Do not install the heater near flammable sources or on surfaces that will deform or discolor when subjected to heat.

For wall application, install 16 inches (40 cm) from the ceiling, 71 inches (180 cm) from the floor, or 95 inches from the floor. Install a minimum of 40 inches (240 cm) from the curtains or other decorations. Place at least 40 inches (100 cm) away from combustible materials. Place explosive materials at least 25 feet (7.6m) away from the heater. Always have your heater in the horizontal position.

The heater may be mounted on a ceiling between a 0° and 45° angle. For wall applications, the heater should not be tilted more than 5°.

These devices do not require much cleaning or maintenance. Make sure it is cold and switched off before using compressed air or a vacuum to clean the reflector or filament of dust or debris. One general maintenance tip is to keep the heater dust—and debris-free. Examine the filament for fractures and indications of overheating. Examine the power cord for fractures or indications of heat buildup.

Avoid using extension cords, as this may cause overheating. Do not run cords under carpets or cover with throw rugs, as this can cause tripping. Only use GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter) outlets when using the heater in the kitchens, baths, or exterior areas. Connect your heater to a properly-rated circuit. A minimum of 15 amps is recommended. Check the unit and power cord for damage before operating.


Did you check the plug of your heater? If an electrician has checked the electricity installation of your house, did you try using another grounded wall plug? If none of these worked, you can ask for assistance from the store where you purchased your heater or the technical service representative on the invoice and other documents.

You should refrain from operating the heater and need to contact the store you bought the heater from or our technical service department.

Two AAA/Alkaline batteries are needed.

We recommend grounded plugs on the wall for your safety.

The remote control may have run out of batteries, or the battery bed may have oxidized. You can use the same remote control by cleaning the battery bed. After replacing the batteries, you can check the transmitter on the remote by using your phone's camera. If you see a red light when you press a button, your remote control is working.

When the heater tips over at 30° or any angle above, the remote-controlled models give an audible warning of three beeps, and the screen shows an "Er" error. Then, it sets back to the H0 start state. The power button must be pressed to reset and turn on the heater. When the heater tips over at 40 ° or any angle above, the thermostat heaters will shut down. The heater will resume working when it's returned to the correct position.


UFO heaters have a 2-year warranty.

You can distinguish your original UFO heaters by inspecting the filaments while the heater is turned off and cool. The original filaments (the heating element or the glass heating tube) contains the UFO logo which is etched with laser on quartz glass. On the metal head you can find the heater's model, type, and serial number. Original spare parts are recommended for longevity and efficiency. Heaters that don't have all the original components are not covered by the warranty.

Order and Delivery

You should receive the tracking ID automatically, but if you have not, you can email info @ or call UFO customer representative.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please email info @ , or you may call our customer representative . The representative will ask you to send an email including your order details, so please have your invoice or confirmation next to you.