The Many Application Areas of Infrared Heaters

If you’re reading this article, chances are you either have a UFO infrared heater or you’re about to buy one and want to know more about the application areas. In any case, this article will help you to learn the many application areas of infrared heaters.

So, where are these many application areas you can use your infrared heater? You can use infrared heating systems both indoors and outdoors. As long as the heat directly reaches people who want to get warm, UFO heaters are reliable solutions.

So, where can you place your infrared heater, and how? Next, you can find the application areas in detail and tips to use them correctly.

#1 You can use your infrared heater in places where local heating is necessary.

UFO heaters are the best option to heat places where local heating is important. Local heating means that instead of heating the whole house or offices, you just heat the rooms or places where people gather.

This is particularly important when it comes to energy efficiency. When you try to heat a room about 30 m2 with convective heaters, UFO heaters can be twice as efficient.

The same principle applies to larger spaces. If you have a large area but people only use a small portion of it, rather than using convective heating which will be less efficient. You can place your UFO heater right above the gathering area, tilted towards you to allow the light to reach your skin, you will have an efficient and warm solution.

#2 You can use these heaters in places with extensive heat loss.

Heat loss is a big problem when it comes to convective heating. Most of the time you’ll waste energy trying to heat the air for you to feel warm, however in places with extensive heat loss this will be quite inefficient.

If you have a room with many windows or doors where air can escape easily from the paneling or you have poor insulation, a UFO heater may be the correct choice for you. Since infrared heaters won’t heat the air, you won’t lose the energy because of the loss in the weak points.

#3 You can use them in open and semi-open areas.

This is the part where UFO infrared heaters shine. Even though you can heat large areas or poorly insulated closed spaces with convectional heating albeit the loss, it’s almost absurd to try heating an open area with conventional heating solutions.

Thanks to the working principle of UFO infrared heaters, you can get a direct solution for outdoor heating. As long as the light hits you, you will feel the warmth. That’s simply why you will have an efficient solution if you use UFO heaters in an outdoor area.

Not even all infrared heaters are efficient solutions for outdoor heating. The UFO heaters utilize the radiation wavelength technology and especially manufacture infrared heaters with medium wave. This means that a regular infrared heater may fall short and the light may not reach perfectly to warm you. UFO heaters ensure that the technology they use is a viable option for outdoor heating.

The only thing you should be careful of is that the reflection angle should be towards you.

We hope that this article was helpful for you to grasp the several application areas of UFO heaters. The key here is that if a UFO heater is towards you, it’ll warm you up like the sun.

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