UFO S Series (S/15, 19, 24, 29) with Thermostat 


The UFO S series heaters are equipped with a thermostat. You can choose from different levels of heating according to your comfort. When the thermostat switch is at its highest level, the heater will operate continuously.

  • Horizontal positioning.
  • Can be mounted to wall, ceiling, or used
    with telescopic stand
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Can be adjusted to different comfort levels
  • Can operate continuously or for certain amounts of time


UFO S UK Series (UK/15, 23, 30) with Remote Control 

The UFO UK models come with a remote control that allows you to control the heater’s power settings and program various timer operations. You can turn the heater on or off, set a timer, and turn on the sleep mode or everyday mode. The remote control allows you to operate your heater without losing any comfortt continuously.

  • Horizontal positioning
  • Can be mounted to wall, ceiling, or
    used with telescopic stand
  • 5 stage power settings with remote
  • Tip-over protection
  • Two color options: Brown and silver


UFO Micatronic Series (T/19, 23, 24)

A matchless technology that triples filament life span and flawlessly works vertically: The Micatronic Technology! The resistance wire, which has been coated by using nanotechnology, has been wrapped around the mica with a 4-axis tetragonal wrapping system - another UFO-developed technology. In vertical use, the inside cable of filament is prevented from sliding down, therefore, enabling the filament to be three times more durable than traditional filaments. The T23 model is equipped with remote control and proximity sensor. The T19 and T24 models have a thermostat and different comfort levels to keep your desired area warm. 

  • Tip-over protection in T23
  • Proximity sensor in T23 (Auto shuts-off the device when objects approach)
  • Programmable shut off feature in T23
  • Vertical positioning
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to carry and practical
  • 5 stage power settings with remote control in T23
  • High efficiency
  • Two color options: Black and Brown