About Us

Who Are We?

Our group began its journey in the heating sector in 1998 with the patent of our ultra-efficient, medium-infrared heating technology, helezonic resistance wire winding. We launched our state-of-the-art heaters under the brand UFO.

Twenty-five years on, UFO heaters are market leaders. Our medium-wave infrared heaters are used for indoor and outdoor heating across homes, businesses, greenhouses, gardens, warehouses, workshops and others in 27 countries. We are committed to provide top-notch customer service to clients worldwide.

Why choose UFO infrared heating systems? Infrared heating ensures that any object the light touches begins to warm within seconds. Our space heaters convert nearly all the electrical power they consume directly into heat. Moreover, because 94% of the heat is emitted through radiation (which is unaffected by weather conditions) and only 6% through convection, there is minimal heat loss. This technology significantly cuts down on energy waste due to poor insulation, benefiting both the environment and your wallet.

About Econat Inc.

With over 25 years of industry expertise, Econat Inc. stands at the forefront of high-technology heating and air conditioning products. Our collaboration with esteemed retailers globally enhances our capacity to manufacture top-tier infrared heaters.

Our dedicated e-commerce platform, Ufoheaters.com, showcases the premium UFO product line. Here, customers can leverage our extensive knowledge of infrared heating and experience the superior quality of the UFO brand firsthand.

As the exclusive representative of UFO and the Econat brand in the United States, our reach extends to Turkey, Ukraine, Europe, and Asia.

Our electric heaters and air conditioning systems are designed for peak efficiency. We are deeply committed to eco-friendliness, with products that can utilize green energy sources, significantly contributing to environmental sustainability.

Our advanced electric heating solutions, such as UFO's medium tower infrared heaters and wall-mounted units, convert 94% of electricity into radiant heat and only 6% into convection. This efficiency ensures instant warmth upon contact, offering immediate comfort and reducing energy waste. Our technology provides affordable and environmentally friendly heating options.

Since 2017, we have steadily grown our product and model lines to satisfy the most exacting specifications, demonstrating our commitment to innovation.

Econat's business relationships are built on trust, mutual benefit, and effective communication. We prioritize the confidentiality of our partners' clients and collaborators while delivering exceptional products and services.

About Ufoheaters.com

Operated by Econat, Inc., our website aims to deliver high-quality, cost-effective infrared heating products. Our commercial relationships are built on bilateral collaborations that are beneficial, trust-based, and long-term, focused on practical information exchange, privacy protection, and mutual obligations.

UFO infrared heaters are available through wholesalers, retail stores, and online platforms. We support our dealers and partners with marketing materials, product training, technical support, and others. When you work with us, you are part of a team for us. If you would like to become a dealer, feel free to contact us via contact form wholesale