Stay Safe and Warm With UFO Heaters

Winters bring the biggest dilemma of all. If you open the doors or windows, the cold gets in your room and you lose all the heat. However, you also need ventilation in your house.

So, how can you keep your house ventilated and warm at the same time? The answer is simply UFO heaters! Thanks to the medium wave infrared technology UFO heaters utilize, you can keep the heat in your house. At the same time, you ventilate your home without the fear of cold.

Again, why do you need ventilation and aside from the infrared technology why UFO heaters can provide you with ventilation without losing the heat in your house?

Ventilation is the key to prevent COVID-19.

According to the WHO website, ventilation is removing the stale air from an enclosed area and replenishing it with fresh air. This is vital since the virus’ primary infection way is through inhalation.

When the air in an enclosed space is stale, the virus particles can stay for some time in the air. More importantly, without any fresh air flow, even the exhalation from speaking can be dangerous. This is why the best way to be in an enclosed area is to continually supply it with fresh air.

The air conditioning units may seem like the solution. However, air conditioning units don’t take the air in a closed space and take it out. Additionally, they don’t circumvent the airflow in both directions. They recycle the stale air in the area and just climatize it. This is a big problem. Unless the air conditioner’s filters are according to the standard, this means that the AC’s also recycle the virus-borne air.

The best way to provide airflow in a closed space is to have natural ventilation. Because fresh air is usually quite cold at this time of year, this may seem like a burden on your economy and your overall life quality. That’s why UFO heaters will save you from choosing between stale air and warm air.

Infrared heating is a type of localized heating.

The downside of convective heating and air conditioners is they keep you warm by heating the air around you instead of directional heating. This is a significant handicap, especially in winters, when you need ventilation the most.

UFO heaters utilize medium infrared heating technology. This feature allows you to only heat the locality you want to heat. If the light is hitting the surface, it carries the energy to make you feel warm enough. Like the sun warms you when you’re out, UFO heaters will warm you if the light is directed at you.

This is specifically an excellent advantage of choosing UFO heaters for places which need constant ventilation. Offices, restaurants, any enclosed space which holds a group of people will need to stay warm and ventilated at the same time. By using UFO heaters’ infrared technology, you can keep an area both ventilated and warm.

In Conclusion

You don’t need to feel torn between your air quality and temperature, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic. The recycled stale warm air may make you feel warm, yet this is a health hazard in everyday conditions.

Stay safe and warm with UFO heaters!

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  • Janet Sullivan

    Does the UR-15 that I am wanting to order need to be hard wired?

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