UFO T-1, Multi-Purpose Adjustable Telescopic Stand
UFO T-1 adjustable telescopic stand
UFO T-1 adjustable telescopic stand

UFO T-1, Multi-Purpose Adjustable Telescopic Stand

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Product Description

This sturdy, heat—and corrosion-resistant telescopic stand may be used with any mountable UFO infrared heater in any setting. The plastic feet and aluminum shaft are lightweight, simple to maintain, and require no regular upkeep. 

When not in use, the stand may be conveniently stowed in its box and constructed and disassembled swiftly and effortlessly. 


  • Dimensions: 39 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds

About UFO & Our Heaters

Being the pioneer of infrared space heaters, we focus on providing top-notch customer support and designing our electric heaters with an affordable, eco-friendly approach using our unique helezonic-resistant wire winding. 

All our innovative electric heaters meet high safety standards for residential and commercial settings and have certifications recognized worldwide. You can depend on UFO for safe, reliable warmth wherever you are. 

Energy & Cost Efficient

With a handy remote control* that lets you choose from five power levels, your space heater will turn all its energy into instant, direct warmth with limited upkeep. The thermostat* lets you keep the electric heater running or automatically shut it off at your comfort level.

The infrared space heating system provides deep, consistent heat that isn't affected by wind or rain. The reflective parabolic design ensures the heat goes exactly where you need it. This is a money saver compared to other heaters! 

** Remote control ( models  mr-15, uk-30, uk-15, hvr-15) and Thermostat (models mt-15,econat- c-15, s-15,)

Easy to Assemble & Install

Installation of your radiant heater couldn't be easier. The plug-in wall and portable heaters have a power cord that can be plugged into your home, backyard, garage, workshop, restaurant, gym, and more. Our electric space heater weighs 10 lbs or less and is kitted with step-by-step instructions and pivoting wall brackets for fixing to the wall or ceiling (excluding tower space heaters). 

With the optional stand (sold separately), you can move your space heater to the desired room. You may also select one of our portable heating solutions for the utmost flexibility. Our customer service team is accessible around the clock in case you encounter any issues throughout the installation procedure.

Perfect for Indoors and Outdoors 

With selected models of our space heaters’ weatherproof design, they can be used indoors and outdoors. Their mid-wave heating technology provides cozy, health-boosting heat that aids in stress relief and muscle relaxation while improving circulation. 

All this at a budget-friendly price point proves our infrared heaters are ideal for homes and businesses. 

Premium Quality

Our highly skilled engineers and craftsmen pride themselves on using top-notch materials to produce every portable space heater. Each bulb features a flower-shaped, helazonic-resistant filament inside a premium quality quartz tube, and the sturdy metal won't bend, break, or rust. 

Rustproof and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum is used, ensuring they can withstand the conditions of being in yards, gardens, terraces, decks, balconies, gazebos, indoor and outdoor patios, any room in your house, and much more!

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